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Are you having problems with certain files and graphics within your Web Browser? If so, one or more of the external helper applications or plug-ins listed below may be just the thing you've been looking for. Just click upon the appropriate area below and follow the listed instructions to enhance your web browser's functionality.

Helper Applications

These applications will generally work with most web browsers and operating systems but it is advisable to read all provided information before attempting to incorporate one of these products.

Acrobat Reader by Adobe Systems, Inc.

The Adobe Acrobat Reader is a freeware file reader provided by Adobe Systems, Inc. This application allows the user to decode and read PDF format files, which are widely used on the Internet. This application is a must for any serious user of the World Wide Web.

Download Acrobat Reader

Plug-In Applications

These plug-in applications are intended primarily for use with Netscape Navigator version 2.0 or above. If you are not using Netscape Navigator version 2.0 Beta Release 4 or above, a large majority of these add-on applications will fail to operate properly. To download the latest version of the Netscape Navigator, click here.

As with any other add-in product, it is best to read all provided information before attempting to use one of these products. Also, some products are not designed for use with all operating systems; make sure your operating system is supported before downloading the software.

ABC QuickSilver by Micrografx, Inc.

Micrografx, Inc. announces ABC QuickSilver for Netscape Navigator. QuickSilver is designed as an add-on to the ABC Graphics Suite and allows users to manipulate graphical objects directly from within web pages. QuickSilver features Micrografx's Object Graphics Technology, which makes creating and viewing Internet graphics simpler and faster than ever before.

Download ABC QuickSilver

Acrobat 3.0 Reader by Adobe Systems, Inc.

Adobe Systems, Inc. is now offering the Beta release of the Acrobat 3.0 (formerly known as Amber) Reader. This is an improved version of the popular Acrobat Reader application and allows the user to view, download, and print PDF format files from within the Netscape Navigator.

Download Acrobat 3.0 Reader Beta Release

Action by Open2U

Open2U announces Action for Netscape Navigator. Action allows you to embed MPEG motion video and synchronized sound within your hypertext pages, all without the need for special hardware. Action allows you to enhance any web site easily and make it more useful and entertaining.

Download Action

ActiveX by NCompass Labs, Inc.

NCompass Labs, Inc. is now offering ActiveX for Netscape Navigator. ActiveX allows the user to embed OLE-style controls as applets, using standard programming languages such as Visual Basic, Visual C++ and Microsoft Windows Game SDK. The ActiveX plug-in also allows the user to view documents in a variety of formats such as Word, Excel or Powerpoint.

Download ActiveX

ASAP Webshow by Software Publishing Corporation

ASAP WebShow is a plug-in application for Netscape Navigator that allows the user to view, download, and print special graphical reports and presentations that are available on the World Wide Web. ASAP Presentation files are remarkably fast - transmission rates for ASAP WebShow are as high as three pages per second! ASAP Webshow can view any document created by the ASAP WordPower Report/Presentation Generator, also available from Software Publishing Corp.

Download ASAP WebShow Beta Release
Download ASAP WordPower Report/Presentation Generator

Astound Web Player by Gold Disk, Inc.

Gold Disk, Inc. is now offering the Astound Web Player for use with Netscape Navigator. Astound allows the user to play multimedia documents that have been created with Astound or Studio M software. These documents can consist of many different elements, including text, sound, animation, graphics, video and various interactivity features. Astound also utilizes a streaming protocol which yields a tremendous improvement in speed.

Download Astound Web Player

Carbon Copy/NET by MicroCom, Inc.

MicroCom, Inc. is now offering Carbon Copy/NET for use with Netscape Navigator. Carbon Copy allows a user to take complete control of another CC/NET-equipped PC remotely over the Internet. CC/NET makes it possible to run applications, access files and view or edit documents just as if you were sitting in front of your own PC! Carbon Copy is the ideal software for remote support and access, project collaboration, software demonstrations, or just about any other task which requires remote access of data. CC/NET also allows the user to access CD-ROM and other removable-media drives remotely as well.

Download Carbon Copy/NET

Chemscape Chime by MDL Information Systems, Inc.

MDL Information Systems, Inc. offers Chemscape Chime for Netscape Navigator. Chemscape Chime allows complex 2-D and 3-D chemical structure models to be displayed directly within HTML documents. Chemical applications and formulae can also be displayed and modelled over the Internet with the use of this plug-in application.

Download Chemscape Chime

Cool Fusion by Iterated Systems, Inc.

Iterated Systems, Inc. now offers Cool Fusion for use with Netscape Navigator. Cool Fusion is a real-time, streaming protocol viewer for Video For Windows (AVI) format files. Cool Fusion allows AVI files to be incorporated directly within HTML format documents since it is no longer necessary to first download the file before it may be displayed. Film clips and animations can be played at full speed over the Internet, without the need for special server hardware.

Download Cool Fusion

Corel CMX Viewer by Corel Corporation

Corel Corporation is now offering the Beta version of the CMX Vector Graphics Viewer. CMX incorporates the vector graphics technology pioneered by Corel into various Internet applications. The CMX Viewer, when integrated into Netscape Navigator, allows for seamless viewing of these graphics.

Download CMX Viewer Beta Release

Crescendo by LiveUpdate, Inc.

LiveUpdate, Inc. is now offering Crescendo, a new plug-in utility for Netscape Navigator that allows the user to listen to high-quality, MIDI format background music while browsing the Internet.

Download Crescendo Player

DWG/DXF Plug-In by SoftSource

SoftSource announces the DWG/DXF Plug-In for use with Netscape Navigator. This application allows the user to dynamically view AutoCAD drawings directly over the Internet. The DWG/DXF Plug-In offers many features such as the ability to pan and zoom a drawing, hide and display layers, and scalable vector graphics.

Download the DWG/DXF Plug-In

EarthTime by Starfish Software

Starfish Software is now offering EarthTime, a sophisticated Internet time-telling utility for use with Netscape Navigator. EarthTime can display current time for a multitude of locations around the world. As an added feature, EarthTime also graphically displays the passing of the sun across the surface of the Earth in real-time.

Download EarthTime

EchoSpeech by Echo Speech Corporation

Echo Speech Corporation introduces EchoSpeech for Netscape Navigator. EchoSpeech allows for the addition of high-quality, compressed speech into web pages using a special multimedia data compression and encoding format.

Download EchoSpeech

Envoy Viewer by Tumbleweed Software Corporation

Tumbleweed Software Corporation is now offering the Envoy Viewer for use with Netscape Navigator. Envoy Viewer allows the user to view available online documents that have been written in Novell's Envoy format. Envoy documents are characterized with extensive graphics and fonts and offer the user a colorful alternative to standard text.

Download Envoy Viewer

FIGLeaf InLine by Carberry Technology

Carberry Technology offers FIGLeaf InLine for use with Netscape Navigator. FIGLeaf InLine is a multiple format image viewer which supports both raster and vector type graphics such as CGM, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, CCITT GP4, BMP, WMF, EPSF, and Sun Raster. In addition to viewing capabilities, FIGLeaf InLine also allows the user to scroll, pan, zoom, and resize various file formats.

Download FIGLeaf InLine

FlashNote by Farallon Computing, Inc.

Farallon Computing, Inc. offers the FlashNote applet to user of the Internet. FlashNote allows users to send notes and files to any other FlashNote or Timbuktu Pro user, anywhere in the world and in real-time. The FlashNote applet will enhance your ability to communicate and exchange ideas instantly!

Download FlashNote

Formula One/NET by Visual Components

Visual Components offers its Formula One/NET plug-in for use with Netscape Navigator. Formula One/NET allows users to interface Microsoft Excel spreadsheets directly for use with the Internet. Worksheets may include such things as real-time charts, links to other URL's, clickable controls and buttons, calculations, and formatted text/numbers.

Download Formula One/NET

Fractal Viewer by Iterated Systems, Inc.

Iterated Systems, Inc. is now offering Fractal Viewer for use with Netscape Navigator. Fractal Viewer allows the user to display and utilize fractal images over the Internet, through the use of Iterated Systems' Fractal Image Format. A wide range of highly-compressed and resolution-independent digital photographs and bitmapped images may be displayed with ease. In addition, both CERN and NCSA imagemap protocols are supported by Fractal Viewer. Single fractal images may be zoomed, flipped, stretched and rotated, and displayed in a variety of sizes from thumbnail to full-screen.

Download Fractal Viewer

InterCAP Inline by InterCAP Graphics Systems, Inc.

InterCAP Graphics Systems, Inc. offers InterCAP Inline for Netscape Navigator. InterCAP Inline allows users of the Internet to incorporate CGM vector graphics files into HTML documents. Inline viewing, dynamic panning, zooming, magnification and animation of CGM vector graphics are made possible with the use of this plug-in. Vector graphics are considered superior to the currently used raster or bitmap type graphics since they offer far greater detail and clarity at many different levels of zoom. Vector graphic files are also more compact than comparable raster graphic files.

Download InterCAP Inline

ISYS Hindsite by ISYS/Odyssey Development Corporation

ISYS/Odyssey Development Corporation announces HindSite for Netscape Navigator. HindSite is designed to allow the user to store previously viewed web pages and perform text-based searches upon this stored information. HindSite catalogs and saves the text from every web page that you visit over a timeframe that you specify - whether that time is a week, a month, or even a year!

Download HindSite

Keyview by FTP Software, Inc.

FTP Software, Inc. now offers Keyview for use in conjunction with Netscape Navigator. Keyview allows the user to view, print, convert, and manage nearly 200 different file formats from directly within Netscape! Keyview also allows the user to cut, paste, copy, and convert from formats as diverse as Microsoft Word, WordPerfect and Microsoft Excel to EPS, PCX, ZIP and more. Keyview eliminates the need to manually configure Netscape to process different file formats by handling and processing all of the different file types automatically.

Download KeyView

Lightning Strike by Infinet Op

Infinet Op offers Lightning Strike for use with Netscape Navigator. Lightning Strike is a real-time algorithmic compression program which allows graphics to be compressed and transmitted over the Internet. This compression results in a much faster transmission rate and considerably smaller images with an overall increase in image quality.

Download Lightning Strike

Live3D by Netscape Communications Corporation

Netscape Communications Corporation offers Live3D for use in conjunction with Netscape Navigator. Live3D allows users of the Internet to experience the new and expanding world of 3D VRML interactive applications. Live3D features include 3-D text, background images, texture animation, morphing, viewpoints, collision detection, gravity, and a direct link to RealAudio sound.

Download Live3D

Look@Me by Farallon Computing, Inc.

Farallon Computing, Inc. offers Look@Me for use with Netscape Navigator. Look@Me offers the ability for two users of the software to view each other's computer screen live and in real-time! Look@Me allows the user to edit documents, review presentations and graphics, or provide training and support. The Look@Me plug-in is also available as a stand-alone application, for use outside Netscape Navigator.

Download Look@Me

MacZilla by Knowledge Engineering

Knowlege Engineering announces the MacZilla plug-in for Netscape Navigator. MacZilla is designed as a multi-purpose player for Macintosh that can handle a wide variety of file formats. Supported formats include MIDI; .WAV, .AU and .AIFF audio, MPEG and AVI motion video.

Download MacZilla

mBed by mBed Software, Inc.

mBed Software, Inc. announces mBed for Netscape Navigator. mBed is designed to insert and play special animated, interactive 'mbedlets' within your hypertext pages. This format and the mBed player are completely license-free!

Download mBed

MovieStar by Intelligence At Large

Intelligence At Large offers it's MovieStar plug-in for use in conjunction with Netscape Navigator. MovieStar allows the user to view QuickTime movie files directly from within a web site. MovieStar also supports several special features within Netscape Navigator such as autoplay, looping, and the ability to display movies during downloads.

Download MovieStar

OLE Control by The Excite Center

The Excite Center offers the OLE Control Plug-In for use with Netscape Navigator. OLE Control allows the user to embed OLE controls as applets. These applets can be created using such programming languages as Visual C++, Visual Basic, and MS-Windows Games SDK. OLE Control makes seamless interaction between the Microsoft OLE programming standard and the HTML language possible which, in turn, allows applications to link together and run over the Internet with incredible speed!

Download OLE Control

OpenScape by Business@Web

Business@Web offers OpenScape for use with Netscape Navigator. OpenScape delivers OLE/OCX compatability to users of the World Wide Web. Interactive Internet applications may be designed and implemented using OpenScape, which operates within the familiar structure of Visual Basic scripting and a drag-and-drop enviroment.

Download OpenScape

PreVU by InterVU, Inc.

InterVU, Inc. offers PreVU for Netscape Navigator. PreVU provide MPEG video with a streaming protocol over the Internet, without the use of special hardware or proprietary server applications. PreVU allows for a first-frame view within the web page and a real-time viewing capability during downloading. In addition, PreVU provides full-speed cached playback directly from hard drive storage.

Download PreVU

QuickServer by Wayfarer Communications, Inc.

Wayfarer Communications, Inc. offers QuickServer for Netscape Navigator. QuickServer allows the user to develop powerful client-server applications in conjunction with such programming languages as Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, C++ and Java.

Download QuickServer

Rapid Transit by Fast Man

Fast Man announces Rapid Transit for Netscape Navigator. Rapid Transit decompresses and plays high-quality music with compression rates as high as 40-1. This format can also provide CD-quality, 16-bit, 44.1kHz sound at compression rates of 10-1 or better! Eliminate long audio download times with Rapid Transit today!

Download Rapid Transit

RealAudio 2.0 by Progressive Networks

Progressive Networks offers the RealAudio v2.0 plug-in for Netscape Navigator. RealAudio allows users of the Internet to experience quality audio in real-time through the use of a special streaming protocol. RealAudio v2.0 incorporates several new features, including the capability to integrate audio content files directly within HTML documents. For more information, please see the HTML Creations RealAudio Information Page.

Download RealAudio Player version 2.0
Download RealAudio Encoder version 2.0

Shockwave for Authorware by Macromedia, Inc.

Macromedia, Inc. offers the Shockwave for Authorware plug-in for Netscape Navigator. This plug-in allows the user to interact directly with Authorware courses over the Internet directly through Netscape. A wide variety of multimedia options are available, including animation, click-buttons, hot links, streaming PICS movies and audio.

Download Shockwave for Authorware

Shockwave for Director by Macromedia, Inc.

Macromedia, Inc. offers the Shockwave for Director plug-in for Netscape Navigator. Shockwave allows Macromedia Director presentations to be viewed directly within Netscape Navigator windows. These presentations can be enhanced with such features as animation, clickable buttons, URL links, digital video, and sound.

Download Shockwave for Director

Shockwave for Freehand by Macromedia, Inc.

Macromedia, Inc. offers the Shockwave for Freehand plug-in for Netscape Navigator. Shockwave allows users to work with Freehand art and graphics directly within the Netscape Navigator window. Shockwave for Freehand offers many features such as vector graphic pan & zoom up to 25,600%, irregularly-shaped hot buttons and display of high-resolution color images.

Download Shockwave for Freehand

Sizzler by Totally Hip Software, Inc.

Totally Hip Software, Inc. offers Sizzler for Netscape Navigator. Streaming animation with simultaneous viewing and interaction is the forte of the Sizzler plug-in. Sizzler permits a variety of different file formats such as PICB and QuickTime movies to be viewed and interacted with on a real-time basis.

Download Sizzler

SuperScape 3-D Viewer by SuperScape VR

SuperScape VR announces the SuperScape 3-D Viewer plug-in for Netscape Navigator. SuperScape 3-D allows the user to grab 3-D objects, perform walkthrough presentations, and hear audio content - all from within the Netscape browser.

Download SuperScape 3-D

SVF Plug-In by SoftSource

SoftSource offers the SVF Plug-In for Netscape Navigator. SVF (an acronym for Simple Vector Format) features scalable vector graphics which can be panned and zoomed. SVF files may also incorporate URL addresses directly within the graphic.

Download the SVF Plug-In

Talker by MVP Solutions

MVP Solutions offers Talker for Netscape Navigator. Talker allows Macintosh speech synthesis technology to be incorporated into Netscape Navigator, and be used by a variety of cross-platform configurations. When added to a typical HTML document, Talker causes the web viewer to speak the programmed words as the document is displayed. A significant feature of Talker audio technology is that a Talker-enhanced audio file requires far lower bandwidth than a standard-format audio file of the same content.

Download Talker

ToolVOX by Voxware, Inc.

Voxware, Inc. offers ToolVOX for Netscape Navigator. ToolVOX allows the user to incorporate high-quality audio speech into HTML documents. ToolVOX adds this capability to HTML documents without the need of specialized server software. Features of ToolVOX include a real-time streaming protocol and audio file compression ratios of 53:1 or more.

Download ToolVOX

Topper by Kinetix

Kinetix announces Topper for Netscape Navigator. Topper is a 3-D enhancement that allows the user to explore 3-D virtual worlds, embed 3-D scenes onto web pages created with 3-D Studio and 3-D Studio Max. Topper uses and supports the new VRBL (Virtual Reality Behavior Language) standard, with allows animation within VRML. Line-of sight, pick and proximity triggers, as well as 3DS and DXF file formats are all supported by Topper.

Download Topper

VDOLive by VDOnet Corporation

VDOnet Corporation offers VDOLive for Netscape Navigator. VDOLive is a high-compression video utility for use with Netscape Navigator. VDOLive compresses video for improved transmission speed over the Internet, without sacrificing image quality. VDOLive allows transmission speeds of 10 to 15 frames per second over a 28.8 kBps connection, which translates to a tremendous performance improvement over standard download-and-view protocols.

Download VDOLive

ViewDirector Imaging by TMS Sequoia

TMS Sequoia announces the ViewDirector plug-in for Netscape Navigator. ViewDirector allows for high-speed display of TIFF and other image formats. Pan, zoom, rotate & enhance features are also supported.

Download ViewDirector

ViewMovie QuickTime by ICB

ICB offers the ViewMovie Quicktime plug-in for Netscape Navigator. ViewMovie QuickTime allows the user to both embed and view Apple QuickTime movies directly within HTML documents. The ViewMovie QuickTime plug-in also allows movie files to be referenced as URL link anchors and ImageMaps.

Download ViewMovie QuickTime

VR Scout VRML by Chaco Communications, Inc.

Chaco Communications, Inc. offers VR Scout VRML for Netscape Navigator. VR Scout incorporates the new VRML v1.0 standard into HTML documents When used in conjunction with Netscape Navigator, VR Scout allows HTML documents to be displayed and viewed in graphical 3-D imagery.

Download VR Scout VRML

VREALM by Integrated Data Systems, Inc.

Integrated Data Systems, Inc. offers VREALM for Netscape Navigator. VREALM is a full-featured VRML language processor that incorporates such features as object behaviors, gravity, collision detection, autopilot and multimedia capabilities. VREALM can be used to incorporate 3-D imagery into HTML documents to give them striking new design and appearance.

Download VREALM

Wavlet Image Viewer by Summus, Ltd.

Summus, Ltd. offers Wavlet Image Viewer for Netscape Navigator. Wavlet is a image compression utility that allows graphics files to display quickly over the Internet. Wavlet Image Viewer features superior compression ratios, display speed, and image quality using progressive transmission technology.

Download Wavlet Image Viewer

WHIP! by Autodesk, Inc.

Autodesk, Inc. announces the WHIP! plug-in for Netscape Navigator. WHIP! allows 2-D vector graphics to be viewed, shared and transmitted directly over the Internet. Since WHIP! uses the high-performance drivers and rendering technology of AutoCAD Version 13, a significant performance increase over bitmap file formats is realized. WHIP! offers many special features such as embedded URLs, zoom and pan which makes it an ideal application to handle complex mechanical and engineering drawings.

Download WHIP!

WhurlPlug by Apple

Apple announces WhurlPlug for Netscape Navigator. WhurlPlug, through the use of QuickTime, allows users to view and act upon 3-D models over the Internet. Image rendering, picking and navagation capabilities are all features of the WhurlPlug applet.

Download WhurlPlug

WIRL Virtual Reality Browser by VREAM, Inc.

VREAM, Inc. offers WIRL Virtual Reality Browser for Netscape Navigator. WIRL Browser brings true virtual-reality capabilities to users of the Internet. WIRL fully supports the VRML language and adds support for object behaviors, logical cause-and-effect relationships, multimedia capabilities, world authoring, and Windows application links.

Download WIRL Virtual Reality Browser

Word Viewer by INSO Corporation

INSO Corporation offers the Word Viewer plug-in for Netscape Navigator. Word Viewer permits any Microsoft Word v6.0 or v7.0 document to be viewed directly from within Netscape Navigator. In addition, Word documents can also be copied and printed with the original formatting left intact.

Download Word Viewer All listed Helper & Plug-In Applications and their associated logos are either trademarks or registered trademarks of their stated parent companies.
Any specific or technical questions concerning any plug-in or helper application listed above should be sent directly to the appropriate software company.

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